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Is all software used in the Hannibal-project opensource?

Yes, opensource and a free to use license. This makes it possible to use one design for both small and large infrastructures. This idea of standardization is one of the key factors in the Hannibal project.

Does all software used in the Hannibal-project, do it's user authentication against LDAP?

Yes, all user authentication is against LDAP, and preferably also extra needed application roles.

Is a shared/organizational wide calendar server part of the Hannibal?

Not at the moment. There are some projects busy wit it. When a good shared-calendar product is available in opensource, it will soon be documented.

Will there be a Hannibal in combination with Redhat, Suse or Solaris?

It will be when someone volunteers to do the research to make it work, and to document it.

I am very happy with (some parts) of the Hannibal system stack, can I sponsor this?

Yes, sponsor the software part or parts directly, by using the sourceforge links, or let your Commercial supplier arrange the sponsoring to the software developers for you.

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