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GLPI is an Information Resource Manager that also supplies a webbased trouble ticket system. It integrates very well with OCS Inventory. Additional information can be found on the GLPI website.


GLPI is a web application that is written in PHP. It stores it's information in a MySQL-database. We'll use LDAP for user authentication.


Debian Etch has a package available for GLPI. Install the software.

apt-get install glpi


Point your browser to http://yourwebserver/glpi/install/install.php and follow the instructions.

For LDAP authentication logon to GLPI as an admin-user. Click on the 'Administration'-icon and choose 'Setup'. A new page will appear on which you must choose 'External authentication'. In the 'LDAP configuration'-section of this page fill up at least these fields

LDAP Host    your_ldap_server
BaseDN       ou=people,dc=intra,dc=example,dc=com
Login Field  uid

After the configuration has completed you can logon to GLPI as a regular LDAP-user at http://yourwebserver/glpi

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