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Migration of image files

VMware to xen migration

German original:

To convert a Linux VMWare Image to a normal image, below the most important commands:

  • install qemu
  • convert the VMware image to a RAW-Image
qemu-img convert -f vmdk /var/vmware/vm/vm01.vmdk \
        -O raw /tmp/vmimage.raw
  • A vmware image is a containerfile. The partitions have to be split up to individual images for xen. To find out what is in the VMware image, take a look with:
fdisk -l -u /home/xen/vmimage.raw
Device Boot    Start       End    Blocks   Id  System
linux1   *        63    208844    104391   83  Linux
linux2        208845   7550549   3670852+  83  Linux
linux3       7550550   8193149    321300   82  Linux swap
  • I presume there are already some lvm's available. Now use the command below a couple times to extract them
dd if=vmimage.raw of=/dev/vg01/xendomU01slash bs=512 skip=208845 count=7341705
  • Of course, check the result (with a (loop)mount)
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